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NEWS: December 2020 - Darkraven Games is happy to announce that our "Mid-Winter's Festival" RPG audio Kickstarter was funded AND SHIPPED successfully on December 25. On that project we tested a "fast fast FAST" delivery schedule and it seemed to work well. We are considering trying it again in the future if it seems that that is what our customers want. :)


We had a great time cranking out that project with our talented team of musicians, Aurus. Aurus specializes in medieval and renaissance music using period instruments.


NEWS: Petersen Games has made Cthulhu Wars audio available for sale on their website. At the moment we will not be making it available here! We encourage you to head on over there to their website and pick it up!









1) Mid Winter's Eve Festival - Delivered as promised on December 25! If you don't have it yet, there is a problem. Please contact us at: [email protected]


2) Valhalla Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes - This project was delivered on time in December 2020. If you don't have it by now, there is a problem. Please contact us at: [email protected]


3) Assault on Ravensburg - This project was delivered in October, 2020. If you have not received it by then, please contact us at:

[email protected]



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