NEWS: June 2016 - Joshua Cohen's "Kingdom of the Elves" has officially landed in all of its sylvan glory! The collector's edition available here at features 8 stunning songs which will breathe life into all of your Elven and woodland table top adventures -- and are truly so beautiful, you will want to listen to them again and again while relaxing or reading your favourite fantasy novels.


We are really proud to be delivering music of this quality and sound to you. When we started out with our Darkraven projects 3 years ago, we did not think it would get to this!


It has been a lot of work to get these tracks into your hands, but we are convinced you will think that the wait was worth it! We are wondering when Josh will get a call from Peter Jackson to do Lord of the Rings II. hahaha...


Click HERE to go directly to the product page and have a listen to what we have cooked up!




NEWS: We are happy to announce we are about to crank out our first card game! "Wicked" will take a devilish twist on the Vampires vs. Werewolves genre and throw you into Louis XIV's Europe with its masquerades, syphillis, and zombies (your teacher did tell you about the zombies -- didn't they!?!). Expect the Kickstarter soon!



1) Our "Juggernaut 2" package has been completed and shipped! If you have not received it yet,  there is a problem. Please contact Alex at:


2) REDUX STATUS: "Cthulhu II: Return of the Old Ones" and "Kingdom of the Elves" has shipped. If you paid for these and do not have them yet, there is a problem. Combat: "First Blood" is coming soon! Please contact Alex at: The horror pack is 50% done!


NOTE: If you are not receiving download link emails, try creating a gmail account. It seems that some domains (1 in 150) seem to refuse our emails!


Darkraven "Deep Madness" Kickstarter now LIVE! - Click HERE for info!

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