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NEWS: September 2017 - Darkraven Games is happy to announce our cooperation with the epic game makers, "Awaken Realms" on their upcoming "Lords of Hellas."


Lords of Hellas collected an insane $2.2 million dollars on Kickstarter in June of 2017. Now, Darkraven will provide that mega game with its soundtrack and audio to bring it to life.


First and foremost, the game will get an AWESOME theme song worthy of Apollo himself (which we are working on now). Then on top of that, the basic product will include a 2.5 hour soundscape which will take players on a tour of the game and many of its places intertwined with epic Greek history and mythology.


On top of six mini-experiences, the gold product will also include twenty-four 15 minute soundscapes, as well as 3.5 minute bonus versions so that players can design their own audio experiences for an evening of play in Lords of Hellas or any Greek inspired setting.


Tracks here will include:

1. The Minotaur's Labrynth

2. Medusa's Lair

3. Charon's Cave (the entrance to Hades)

4. Poseidon Ocean Soundscape

5. Arrival of the Gods (spaceship landing)

6. Mount Parnasus (Apollo's home)

7. Mount Olympus

8. The Swamp Home of the Hydra

9. Pholóe Oak Forest

And many more.


This product will be available on the "Lords of Hellas" pledge manager starting September 1. It will be given to a separate Darkraven Team so there is no delay in the delivery of Vivat Imperium or the "Fantasy Orc Zombie Assault" products which will surely make their deadline.









1) DEEP MADNESS - As of June 2017, Deep Madness has been completely delivered. Please check your inboxes now and if you cannot find anything please do a search for Darkraven Games in all of your inboxes. If you cannot find them, please contact our pixies at darkravenhelpdesk@gmail.com.


2) REDUX STATUS: "Cthulhu II: Return of the Old Ones", "Kingdom of the Elves", "First Blood" (the combat module), and "Shadows of the Mind" (the horror pack) have shipped. If you paid for these and do not have them yet, there is a problem. Please contact our pixies at: darkravenhelpdesk@gmail.com. The final bonus tracks are now in production and will ship soon.



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