NEWS: June 2017 - We have just launched our BIGGEST Kickstarter project EVER. Vivat Imperium (Long Live the Empire), which brings you a minimum of 46 totally new soundscapes and over 60 alternates and 10 one offs for more than 116 new tracks to immerse you in every aspect of the life of an Imperial City.


You get a minimum of 26 hours of sounds from around, in and even UNDER the Imperial City.


You will find tracks like, "Imperial Army Troll Tainer", "Melee With the Undead In a Crypt", "The Walls Are Breached By The Army of the Warg King", "In the Grand Wizard's Tent On Campaign", and the epic, "The Imperial Army Battles the Army of the Warg King".


Dave S., a fan of Darkraven and self professed, "Kickstarter Addict" had this to say about the sound he picked up in the runnup to the launch in a talk we had with him about the impact our sounds have on his club's gaming. "We had no idea what we were missing, but now cannot game without."


This project will be live from June 23 to July 30 2017. We hope to see you stop in. Click HERE to be magically transported, OR simply go to Kickstarter and do a search for "Vivat Imperium." Reserve your copy today.




NEWS: We are happy to announce we are about to crank out our first card game! "Wicked" will take a devilish twist on the Vampires vs. Werewolves genre and throw you into Louis XIV's Europe with its masquerades, syphillis, and zombies (your teacher did tell you about the zombies -- didn't they!?!). Expect the Kickstarter soon!



1) June 23, 2017 - Deep Madness Gold and Standard Audio are NOW being delivered. Please check your inboxes now and if you cannot find anything please do a search for Darkraven Games in all of your inboxes.


2) REDUX STATUS: "Cthulhu II: Return of the Old Ones", "Kingdom of the Elves", "First Blood" (the combat module), and "Shadows of the Mind" (the horror pack) have shipped. If you paid for these and do not have them yet, there is a problem. Please contact Alex at:


NOTE: If you are not receiving download link emails, try creating a gmail account. It seems that some domains (1 in 150) seem to refuse our emails!


Darkraven "Vivat Imperium" Kickstarter now LIVE! - Click HERE for info!

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