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With 9 GOLD tracks you won't find anywhere sold independently of the GOLD package.


Bring your advetures into and under terrifying castles or other creepy underground locations to life with this set of 33 terrifying tracks brought to life by 252 backers and $7793 at Kickstarter.  


The first set of 11 tracks focuses on a castle in the middle of a great, great forest. Players will walk through a haunted forest, hear wailing dead princesses, and experience hair-raising hauntings in the drafty castle interior by night.


The second and third sets of 11 tracks each, focus on the descent into a possessed dungeon ruled by the undead. Here you will find mummies on the move, undead legions, giant insect infestations, creepy ambiance of rooms haunted by creatures of another dimension, and more.


Each of the 11 main tracks in each product you get with this one purchase is 15 minutes long to minimize any hint of looping during your adventures.



Manor of Madness

1. Eerie Woods (Day time)

2. Harrowing Woods (Night time)

3. Unsettling Courtyard (Day time)

4. Frightening Courtyard (Night time)

5. Drafty Castle Interior (Day time)(GOLD)

6. Drafty Haunted Castle Interior (Night time)

7. What Was That (GOLD)

8. Starting to Freak Out

9. Dungeon

10. Growing Terror

11. Tower of the Wailing Princess


Descent Into Hell 1

1. Descent (Solo)

2. Descent (Group)

3. The Madness of Irilim (GOLD)

4. Fulgurite Caves

5. Hohengrem Catacombs

6. Lake of Souls (GOLD)

7. Skitterfang Infestation

8. Temple of Evil

9. Tomb of Tortured and Demented Spirits

10. Undead Awakening

11. Sadness of Sorella (GOLD)


Descent Into Hell 2

1. The Living Dead

2. Citadel of Doom (GOLD)

3. Creeping Madness (GOLD)

4. Arcane Gates

5. Gate Travel (GOLD)

6. Lost Souls

7. Murky Horror

8. Murky Ruins

9. Underground Rapids

10. Boss Fight Mummy King

11. Fulgarite Treasury

B1. Dragon's Breath 1 (5-10 second sound effect)

B2. Dragon's Breath 2 (5-10 second sound effect)

B3. Dragon's Breath 3 (5-10 second sound effect)


Delivered as a downloadable ZIP file containing 320 kbps MP3's. You may make one back-up copy. Ownership non-transferable. By making the purchase you agree to full terms and conditions downloadable by clicking HERE. Credits included in download or HERE.


"Descent Into Hell Suite" - Gold Edition

A journey into fear and darkness

8.25+ hours of awesome sound and effects

ALL 33 tracks, plus 3 bonus sound effects tracks

High quality 320kbps MP3's


(MSRP Regularly $57 separately)

Sale HERE: $39

If in EU, price is $46.80 incl 20%VAT



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The promotional video for "Manor of Madness" -- the first product included in this "Descent Into Hell" suite.

Tox at Critshappen.com explains how he likes to "pimp his games" with soundscapes.

Descent into Hell Suite Cover for DRGcom

The promotional video for "Descent Into Hell 1" -- the second product included in this "Descent Into Hell" suite.

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