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Castle Ravenstein sits in the middle of a vast forest at the edge of a deep valley. The Hohengrem family has lorded over its 10 foor thick stone walls for hundreds of years. Here you will find their armory, their resident wizard's quarters, their garrison's barracks, their food stores, and their servants. You will also find their torture chamber and catacombs where their ancestors (the good and the bad) are buried.


Castle Ravenstein is an absolutely massive digital download map and adventure product for your Virtual

Table Top and that you can print for your own use. Castle Ravenstein delivers a massive medieval castle

on six 3 foot by 4 foot maps totalling over 72 SQUARE FEET. Here you will find a gate house, soldiers quarters, armory, magician's workshop, throne room, torture chambers, and much, much more. This product comes with a 20 page adventure pack and room by room description of the castle done by Justin Fritz and the team at Flash Hammer Creative Studios.


While Castle Ravenstein comes with its own castle guide, it is well suited to bring any castle in your campaign world to life.


See the original Kickstarter HERE. Done with beautiful detail as shown below...



For use with VTT's, with this package you will get a 72 dpi file set, and in case you want to print it out for your own use you also get a 200 dpi file set included for free.


Delivered as a downloadable ZIP file. For personal use only. You may make one back-up copy. You may print up to two copies of the maps for non-commercial personal use. Ownership non-transferable. By making the purchase you agree to the full terms and conditions downloadable by clicking HERE.


Price: $19


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Castle Ravenstein being used for a scenario developed by the GM at ReaperCon. With all the interest, we ran out of space at the table before we ran out of space on the huge map. Caslte Ravenstein is ideally suited to bring any castle you have in your campaign world to life.



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BELOW: Samples of the six massive maps giving you 72 square feet of castle playing space, based on research of actual castle design and having many similarities with castles built int he 1200s in England and Germany. Many of its elements were inspired by the castle ruin, Rechberg close to Göppingen, Germany in case you would like to see it in person.                                                                




v2Castle Ravenstein Map Sample