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The Mad Sorcerer King Nacatheb has been awoken and it is up to you to destroy the evil before it is set loose on the countryside and surrounding lands. Explore and discover a long forgotten civilization. Seek out and claim its vast wealth. Fight to seal off the source of evil bubbling up from below. Defeat the looming threat of a rising tide of undead.


The Dungeon Ravenstein is a beautifully illustrated, 141 page Pathfinder Compatible adventure module created by evil genius Justin Fritz and the team at Flash Hammer Studios that allows you to add a deadly dungeon beneath our original Castle Ravenstein.


This digital “print and play” product is a complete Adventure Module and includes everything

you need from start and finish:


• Dungeon Ravenstein Adventure Module is an adventure for parties of at least four characters between 4th and 7th level. However, this module also contains optional rules to scale difficulty to accommodate any experience level.

• Player Handouts that include Research Notes and large format Player Maps that the party can discovery along the way and use to improve their chances of survival.

• Status Cards to keep track of how the party is being

affected by the game environment.

• Dungeon Tiles for keeping track of the spread of

environmental hazards.

• Door Sprites you can print, fold, and mount to bases and use to track which Arcane Gates in Nacatheb’s Madness have been explored.

• Dungeon Treasury complete with all of the weapons, armor, good, and equipment unique to Dungeon Ravenstein.

• Loot Cards for the arms, armor, and other gear found exclusively in Dungeon Ravenstein.

• Dungeon Bestiary complete with an entire host of original monster types specific to Dungeon


• Monster Cards (combat-specific mini bestiaries) to help the Game Master streamline combat.


Continuing the Castle Ravenstein tradition of offering massive, beautiful maps for your adventuring needs, Dungeon Ravenstein includes three beautifully illustrated 100 dpi digital maps for your VTT and a set of 300 dpi files for you to print for your own personal use.


Click HERE for even more details n the original Kickstarter campaign.




Castle Ravenstein being played on at ReaperCon. With all the interest, we ran out of space at the table before we ran out of space on the huge map.



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BELOW: A sample of the 141 beautifully laid out and illustrated pages of the Dungeon Ravenstein adventure module.





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