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"Dear Darkraven Games, I just wanted to let you know that your soundtracks made my most recent D&D session the most EPIC it has ever been.  Everyone was blown away by the quality and variety of your work. We played for 14 hours with your sounds as a backdrop throughout. I cannot thank you enough. I've been a gamer for nearly 40 years and have played with the same group of guys for over 25 of those years and this addition was a highlight. I've got an amazing surround sound system and I was able to seamlessly play tracks from my phone that truly added that level of realism we all had no idea we were missing, but now cannot game without. Thank you."

-Dave Sowden

(self confessed Kickstarter addict)



"Hi - I just received the Darkraven Soundscapes - thanks so much! - I have downloaded and unzipped it and it is fantastic - you have done an incredible job with this - so great - it adds so much to the gaming experience - once tried I really can't go back - so thanks again for your excellent product - I hope you are as proud to produce it as I am thrilled to use it."

-Stew Noble


"Best audio for table top games in the industry."

-Aces of Death 7

(Kickstarter Superbacker)

“Sweet mother of Cthulhu! Just downloaded the files. They are eerily awesome!!!"

-Aces of Death 7

(Kickstarter Superbacker)


"The work you have done for the DEEP MADNESS soudtrack is really ... insane!! :D Well done indeed!!!"

-Emanuele Colaianni

(Kickstarter backer)


"You guys put out some amazing,

high quality stuff!!!!! / Thanks a billion! :)"

-Shane Johnson


“WOW, amazing!!!”

-Omid TS

(Kickstarter backer)


"All downloaded. They are awesome! They will be perfect for the D&D game I will be running this weekend."

-Bill Gant

(Kickstarter Backer)


“The audio is amazing. I will probably look into getting the fantasy pack somewhere down the line.”


(Kickstarter backer)


"I love your amazing work!"


(Kickstarter Superbacker)

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