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Dear Deep Madness Backer,


Greetings to the Deep Madness fans who brought the epic horror game by Diemension Games to our tables. As you may know, Darkraven Games worked with Diemension Games to bring you audio to help bring your game to life when it arrives. As part of that project which delivered HOURS of sound, we also did a "Deep Madness" theme song.


At DarkravenGames.com, we have done over 300 tracks with almost 100 hours of sound to help you bring your table top games to life. As part of this Deep Madness promotion, we are happy to send you download links for this special Deep Madness backer sound package. This package includes:


1. The awesme Deep Madness theme song.

2. Darkraven’s Cthulhu I Soundscape. This product had over 225 Kickstarter backers and has since sold hundreds of copies. It has 5 tracks with 80 creepy minutes of sound and features on “epic” experience track that runs 38 minutes. Perfect for a creepy evening of games or Lovecraft stories.

3. Darkaven Samper - Special Edition: this has 12 tracks with almost 3 hours of sound which take you on a guided tour of many of our products which bring your table top games to life.

4. Forest of the Necromancer. This eight track product is one “chapter” from our 70 track, 17+ hour Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes, which is the ultimate way to bring your table top games to life.


That is 26 tracks with over six hours of sound for your table top games... for FREE!!!

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“Sweet mother of Cthulhu! Just downloaded the files. They are eerily awesome!!!"


-Aces of Death 7

Kickstarter Superbacker

"The work you have done for the DEEP MADNESS soudtrack is really ... insane!! :D Well done indeed!!!"


-Emanuele Colaianni Kickstarter backer

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Darkraven's awesome Deep Madness audio, CLICK HERE